Keynote Speakers

Paul Cole

Rv. Paul Louis Cole, D.Th., is a church planter, pastor, author, and one of the world’s foremost experts on ministry to men. Paul is an award-winning media writer/producer/director, but his passion is in carrying a message of Christlike manhood to the world.

Wes Bentley

Wes Bentley, a former Marine, first traveled to Africa in 1996. Crossing crocodile infested rivers, and wading barefoot through swamps, he delivered food, medicine, clothing and hope to predominantly Christian native people in South Sudan where rebel soldiers battled to stop Islamic jihadists from genocide.


Milford Bible Church

110 Foxcroft Drive

Milford, PA 18337


Biblical Principles for Blended Families
Bill Stevens • FamilyLife
How To Transform Sinful Thoughts Into God-Pleasing Patterns of Life
Steve Etner • Pure Man Ministry
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Paul Cole • Christian Men's Network
Our Good Father
Pierre Eade • Pastor, Author, Coach
Stand Like A Man: Fight Against Passivity
Jay Cookingham • Strategic Fathering Ministries
The Disciple Making Church
Ron Fraser, President/CEO • PointMan Ministries
Uncovering Hidden Financial Strongholds
Gary Derr • Crown Financial Ministries
Understanding Addiction... An Education & Empowerment
Kris McFadden • Teen Challenge
What Is Your WHY? What Motivates You As A Man
Rick Cramer • Davis College
What's Underneath Your Jersey
John Powley • Brookfield Bible Church