Iron Sharpens Iron Conferences 2018
, - December 31st

Keynote Speakers

To be Determined




To be Determined

, - December 31st

This Conference has been Completed


'With friends like that who needs....an evangelist?'
Bud Meadows, Regional Trainer • The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association • Ocala, FL
Do I Matter? - 'Making an Impact on the World Around You'
This seminar is for EMERGING Men (age 13-19)
Eric Hoskins, Area Director • Young Life • Sarasota, FL
Get Off the Couch and Live
Steve Reynolds, Author of Get Off the Couch • Losing to Live • Chantilly, VA
Grace Transformed Sexuality - And a Man's Battle With Lust
Dave Enslow, Director • Next Steps for Men • Sarasota, FL
Managing Your Finances God's Way - instead of the world's way
Rob Taylor, Stewardship Pastor and Seminar Instructor • Compass-finances God's way • Altamonte Springs, FL
Maximizing Your Marriage
Dr. Dan Erickson, Founder • People Matter Ministries • Lees Summit , MO
Playing on God's Team
This seminar is for EMERGING Men (age 13-19)
TC Stallings, Actor (COURAGEOUS the movie) • Knights of the 21st Century , PA
Regional Movie Ministries: Kingdom Building through Networking, Faith, and Film
Rich Gerberding, Director • Men of A.I.M. • Chillicothe, IL
Stepping Up: How to Answer the Call to Courageous Manhood
This seminar is for PIONEERING Men (age 20-29)
Bill Wenneker • FamilyLife • Little Rock, AR
Supply and Demand: 'The commodity of sex and how it fuels the slave trade'
Derek Thomson, Director of Prevention • Selah Freedom • Sarasota, FL
The Power & Priority of Investing in Men
This seminar is for Men's Ministry Leaders
Bryan Carter, Senior Pastor • Concord Church • Dallas , TX
The Puzzle of Life and Career - Finally Solved
Bob Swatland, Area Consultant • Career Direct • Seminole, FL
Vegetables of the Spirit, The Bible's 'Forgotten Fruit'
Rich Gerberding, Director • Men of A.I.M. • Chillicothe, IL
Warriors, Guardians and Builders: Connecting Culture, Policy and Politics to the Gospel
John Stemberger, President • Florida Family Policy Council • Orlando, FL
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