March 20 - VIRTUAL CONFERENCE Best of ISI Hartford, CT

Keynote Speakers
Dennis Rainey

In 2013, Dennis Rainey joined Iron Sharpens Iron for a pivotal and encouraging message highlighting the journey into manhood. Dennis is Co-Founder of FamilyLife, hosted a daily radio program and is the author of numerous books on marriage and family. Mr. Rainey describes five steps in a man’s life, challenges us to identify the step we’re on and urges us to take the next step up.

Tony Evans

Pastor, teacher, and author Dr. Tony Evans speaks to the men at Iron Sharpens Iron in 2011 about the story of Abraham and encourages us to let go of circumstances and work freely for God.

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In this exciting BEST OF ISI one hour video, you will get to experience worship, keynote messages from Dr. Tony Evans in 2011 and Dennis Rainey in 2013, as well as an exhortation from ISI National Director Brian Doyle.




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