February 27 - LIVE ON SITE Jacksonville, FL

Keynote Speakers
H.B. Charles

Became a pastor at 17 years old, served in LA for 18 years. Now pastor of Shiloh Metropolitan in Jacksonville, FL. Author of 3 books. And host of the On Preaching podcast.

Rex Tignor

Rex Tignor's heart and passion is helping men unlock their God-given potential, and helping churches build an effective ministry for men. He is the author of Living Out of the Rut, Boot Camp for Men, Just Show UP!, and co-author of Be Intentional: Devotional Conversation Starters for Men.

Vaughn Mclaughlin

Founder and Pastor of The Potter’s House Christian Fellowship in Jacksonville. He earned a graduate degree in Philosophy and Leadership from Gordon Conwell Theological...

Seminars Close all
A Man's Ultimate Call to Duty

This seminar is for FULL THROTTLE MEN (age 30-55)

Yves Johnson, Founder • Christ is My Savior Ministries • Tampa, FL

Anger: One Letter Away From Danger

Larry Leak, Founder • Just Stand Firm Ministries • Springfield, MA

Choosing Change in Fluid Times

Toby Clem, Director • Implement Impact • Richmond, VA

Learning to Listen So Your Wife Knows You Hear Her

Matt Robbins, Senior Pastor • Mandarin Presbyterian • Jacksonville, FL

Living as a Man of the Word

Doug McCary, Director • S.W.A.T. • Jacksonville, FL

Long Distance Granddad, Making a Difference

This seminar is for SEASONED MEN (age 55+)

Rex Tignor, Director of Training • Iron Sharpens Iron • Mineral, VA

Making Better Decisions and Having Fewer Regrets

This seminar is for PIONEERING MEN (age 20-29)

Mike Whitmer, Director • Disciple 1 Ministries • Ashland, VA

Men Living for Christ in a Sexualized Culture

Jay Haug, Founder • Living Without Lust • Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Ministry to Men in Challenging Times

This seminar is for MEN'S MINISTRY LEADERS

Bob Graumann, Team Leader • Iron Sharpens Iron • Jacksonville, FL

The Every Dad 2021 Fatherhood 'Tune-Up'

This seminar is for FULL THROTTLE MEN (age 30-55)

Brian Doyle, President • Iron Sharpens Iron • Orlando, FL

The Fire-Team; Keys to Building Brotherhood

David Dusek, Executive Director • Rough Cut Men • Sarasota, FL

Youth Sports: Capturing the Heart Behind the Jersey

Greg Chapman, FCA JAX Lead • Fellowship of Christian Athletes • Jacksonville, FL


Mandarin Presbyterian Church - West Campus
2501 Loretto Road
LIVE ON SITE Jacksonville, FL, 32223


Iron Sharpens Iron
998 Farmington Ave
W. Hartford, CT 06107