Iron Sharpens Iron Conferences 2018
Akron, OH - October 28th

Keynote Speakers

Steve Etner

Steve Etner is a speaker, founder of The Purity Coach ministry, former pastor, author of “Extreme Mind Makeover: How to Transform Sinful Thoughts and Habits Into God-Pleasing Patterns of Life” and “The Pure Man’s Devotional Guide: A Biblical Toolbox for Purity”, and he is the founder of The Pure Man Ministry - a global outreach to men.

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Celebration Church
688 Dan St.
Akron, OH 44310


Toolbox Ministries
1496 Hillcrest St
Akron, OH 44314

Akron, OH - October 28th

This Conference has been Completed


Being A Marketplace Ambassador
Steve Conzaman, Area Director Of Northeast Ohio • CBMC • Copley, OH
Calming Inner Storms - Anger & Depression
David Hargrave, Pastor • LSW • Akron, OH
Discipleship - The Missing Commandment
Kevin McIntyre, Senior Pastor • Bethe Church Of Cleveland Heights • Cleveland Heights, OH
This seminar is for SEASONED Men (age 55+)
Jim Lupica • Stratoc Wealth Partners • Akron, OH
How To Transform Sinful Thoughts And Habits
Steve Etner, Founder/CEO • Renewed Mind Ministries • Granger, IN
Practical Ways For Men To Bring Spiritual Health To Our Next Generation
Dale Kinkade, Regional Director • CSB Ministries • Green, OH
Producing Spiritually Prepared, Eagerly Responsible Men
Antonio Jackson, Minister • The House Of The Lord • Akron, OH
Rise Up
This seminar is for EMERGING Men (age 13-19)
Tristan Griffin, Area Director • Fellowship Of Christian Athletes • Akron, OH
The Relationship Between Africa And Christianity
Bryndon Glass, Senior Pastor • S.P.A.N Ministries • Tallmadge, OH
Thriving In Babylon
Kevin Hannah, Pastor • The House Of The Lord • Akron, OH
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