I want to thank you guys for a great Iron Sharpens Iron conference that I attended in Portsmouth this past April. It was my fourth in a row and I was not disappointed. Keep up the good work!!

~ Bob Giroux

Thanks so much for a great conference on Saturday. Thanks also for the special encouragement you gave us in recognizing our church. The guys were walking tall into church on Sunday morning as they answered their wives’ question about what the trophy on the welcome desk was for. Thanks for your tremendous ministry which is blessing our guys (and me!) in so many ways. Keep it up! Go team!

~ Peter De Jager, Jr.

I was invited to the Hartford Iron Sharpens Iron by my neighbor and I was amazed.  I was not used to this type of praise and open worship.  Even though somewhat a stranger to this group I came with and to the Iron Sharpens Iron ministry, I felt led and easy about selecting and attending a session that addressed my age group and needs.  I was hungry for a message and transformation, and here I was fed.

~ Mike Schuberth

I don’t know how you do it – each Iron Sharpens Iron event I’ve attended has been better than the last, and the first one was great! Powerful praise, relevant breakout sessions, nationally-known speakers, solid teaching I can apply today. Let the guys know – bring your son, bring your dad, or bring a friend – but just go!

~ Chip Darius

I just had lunch today with two Christian business owners who had never heard of Iron Sharpens Iron.  I explained that the messages in the general sessions and workshops are “strong meat.”  Figuratively speaking, you have to fasten your seatbelt and prepare for challenging content that’s for real men in the real world.  It’s not watered down or sanitized.  There are no taboo topics.  It’s the real deal for men who really want to be more Christlike in their everyday lives.   I encouraged these men to register.  When I returned to my office, I emailed them the hotlink to Iron Sharpens Iron so they can check it out for themselves.

~ Drew Crandall

ISI is truly an experience that all men should encounter. If I could I’d go to all of the conferences! It’s awesome to see men come together to worship The Lord Jesus, and receive life changing tools that we need in our daily lives to be the Godly men that God has ordained us to be.  These tools (great teaching by anointed men of God) allow us to make a difference in our homes, churches, and our communities.  Philippians 1:6 says, “He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Men, we all need to be sharpened, challenged, and encouraged. Brethren, I strongly encouraged you to attend an ISI Conference, and allow The Master Craftsman to sharpen you, so that you can sharpen another brother, and God will Be Glorified!

~ Deacon Larry A. Leak

I’m a local pastor, and Iron Sharpen Iron’s vision for man-to-man ministry motivated me to pursue it inside the local church! Here is a true partnership of the local church and the para-church that has awesome potential to transform culture. After my first conference I said, “At last, here is something I can bring home to my flock.” We did, and a men’s ministry is slowly taking shape. Manhood is on the rise. Thanks, ISI!

~ Pastor Brad Johnston

I just want you to know the guys had an awesome time on Saturday. This morning two of the men shared with the entire church how it affected them and what a wonderful day it was. I pray all the conferences turn out as good. We bought the CD & Tape package of all the seminars and look forward to sharing them with the other men.

~ Todd Osowski