Q. How much does it cost to attend these conferences?

A. Pricing for the conferences begins at $44 for most of the conferences when you register in advance with a group of ten or more. Full time students are only $29.

Q. Why are these conferences so affordable? Are they any good?

A. They are first class in every respect. The large volume of men who attend allow us to keep our registration cost very low. Good question!

Q. What age group of men is this conference designed for?

A. The Conference is designed for men age 13 – 99.

We have specific seminar tracks:

  • Emerging Men (age 13-19)
  • Pioneering Men (age 20-29)
  • Full Throttle Men (age 30-55)
  • Seasoned Men (age 55+)
Q. There are different seminar tracks – can a pioneering man (age 20-29) go to a full throttle man (age 30-55) seminar?

A. Yes. The tracks are not exclusive with the exception of a ‘pastors only’ seminar.

Q. What should I bring?

A. Bring your bible. If you don’t pre-purchase lunch then bring a lunch.

Q. What should I expect?

A. Check out the conference schedule and the web page of the conference you are interested in. These are equipping conferences that are designed to address the variety of areas in a man’s life who is intent on following Christ.

Q. What if the weather is bad? Will the conference be canceled or postponed?

A. The conference may start late but will be held regardless of weather conditions. Registrations are non-refundable. If problems arise with the ability to attend a conference or for a conference to be held then registrations are transferable to any other Iron Sharpens Iron Conference within a 13 month period from the original conference date.

Q. Will lunch be provided?

A. An optional Lunch is available only for those who pre-register for the conference (Lunch is not available at all locations). The lunch is an additional $8.00. See the registration form.

Q. If I do not buy a lunch, are there places to go out and eat?

A. Yes. There are places at every conference location.

Q. We have 10 people in our group who are interested in attending. Seven of them can go to one conference, but the other three are only available for a different conference. Can we still register as a group and get the discount?

A. If the two conferences are hosted by the same ministry than the answer is yes. Please make this clear on your registration form.

Q. Our church is very small. Can the men of my church register with another church to get the group discount?

A. Yes. Please make this clear on your registration form.

Q. Can we get CD’s or MP3’s of the seminars?

A. Yes. We will have recordings of the sessions available for sale at the conference.

Q. Will there be men’s ministry exhibitors with resources for sale?

A. Yes. We bring in the best of the best.

Q. Is this conference appropriate for my teenage son?

A. Yes!  There are Emerging Man seminars geared for young men between 13-19 years of age at every conference.

Q. Who do I contact with other questions?

A. The best place would be the conference ministry that is hosting the conference. You will find their contact information on the specific conference page for that city.