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‘He Saved Us’ It’s Contrary!

Titus 3:5 He saved us, not because of any righteous works that we have done, but according to His mercy…” Note this passage – first ‘not’, […]

‘He Saved Us’ vs ‘Saved Myself’

Titus 3:5 “He saved us, not because of any righteous works that we have done…” I just need to work harder. I just need to sin […]

Stop & Consider

End of Year Giving Opportunity Please take 30 seconds to Stop & Consider your own extended family as well as the families in your church and […]

‘The Group’

The Boy Jesus a Few Years Later Looking at Jesus and his environment a few years AFTER that first Christmas Luke 2:42-45 “And when he was […]

ISI Day Two Line-Up

Day 2 of the Live Virtual ISI Men’s Conference brings 8 new seminars and 8 different national presenters! *Reminder – your registration includes access to all […]

ISI Live Virtual Men’s Conference


Older Men – 9.30.20

Older Men I think it is safe to say that men in their mid 70’s are ‘older men’. What should our expectation be for ‘older men’? […]

Launching Arrows

Dads and Psalm 127 Verse 3: Solomon is the author of this psalm and in verses 1 and 2 he writes that ‘the Lord builds the […]

May 27 – Proverbs 27

One on One  It’s May 27th, so let’s read Proverbs 27 and a find a verse we can chew on. In a content driven culture it […]

Don’t Shrink Back!

 Check out a clip from Iron Sharpens Iron and Kenny Luck. There are two types of men. We see them now in this crisis of 2020 […]

Calling All Men!

When, if ever, have you called out the men of your church? Men today live very busy lives and the church is hesitant to call men out.

Men Like a Story!

Men Like a Story! - Understanding How Men Process God’s Word Men need to engage God and His Word on a regular basis. We know that this is true.

Men Need Measurables!

Men want measurables. In fact, men need measurables.

The Elephant in the Room

In ministry to men – there’s an elephant in the room – and he is making a mess! The elephant in the room is an English idiom for a problem that is very obvious...

Awaken the Sleeping giant

*Christian men like the idea of being ‘men of integrity’. It isn’t overly religious and it represents a character trait of which they can visibly serve as an ambassador.

Engaging Men with God’s Word

Red Sox DVD is Fantastic Outreach Tool! Request a copy of the 22 min.

From Spectators to Leaders

Many local churches have released men to live as spectators. I do not believe that the local church has given up on men.

Men Need Models – Especially in Fathering

What is a primary reason that don’t men succeed? They don’t have models that work! If I wanted to excel at hitting a baseball, then I would carefully model the form and style...

Numbers Count!

Numbers Count! Work hard to get a critical mass of men to your event. You have probably heard the comment, “Even if only one man comes – it will be worth it.

Theology of Men’s Ministry

Theology of Men’s Ministry - Understanding the Differences Between Men and Women We all know that men and women are different.

Why Focus on Ministry to Men?

Please click here to partner financially with us: Donate to ISI Why Focus on Ministry to Men? Take a Look at ‘Men’s Ministry by the Numbers’! It is the start of...

Building a Tradition

Consider this question: When men and women think of the men’s ministry of your church, what comes to their mind? The answer to this question will help you understand if an...

Do Less and Do it Better

When it comes to events, do less and do them better – much better. Enthusiasm and success can often lead to excess.

Mobilizing Men to an Off Site Event

Most of what you do in your ministry to men will take place in and around your church.

What Resonates With Men?

What resonates with the men in and around your church? What are you teaching men in your local church? What are the topics of the sermons? What are the Sunday School options? Wha...

Launching Effective Small Groups of Men

When launching small groups of last – here are a couple tips to avoid the typical pitfalls: Resist the temptation to be expedient in starting small groups.

Men on Their Knees

I. Men tend toward self sufficiency. Men don’t like to ask for help and this includes directions.

Reaching Men’s Hearts – Not Just Their Heads

I love the Word of God. God uses His Word to speak to me, instruct me and encourage me.

Return on Investment

When addressing how to create momentum in your men’s ministry, you may ask “How do you overcome the spiritual inertia in men?” Many men in the local church...

“Interesting and Relevant”

A simple survey question revealed an interesting answer. Men were asked to describe their local church experience. Two words came up more than any others.

“Men and Tunnel Vision”