Director’s Corner



November 16 – Proverbs 16 It’s the 16th so I am reading Chapter 16 and verse 26 catches my attention: “The laborer’s appetite works for him, […]

ISI 2020 is Different!

The One-Day Men’s Equipping Conference is still Live but no longer onsite at a church near you. Instead, ISI 2020 is Different! It is on your […]

Equal but Different!

Iron Sharpens Iron knows men and women are equal but different! So we offer local churches a platform where we train men to be:  – husbands, […]

Starting Place

The Starting Place for the local church is reaching and training men. Everyone wins when we build godly men. Look no further than the model of […]

ISI First Day Line-Up

We are offering 32 different live seminars specific to men by 32 gifted leaders over the course of next week. Sign up and join us as […]

ISI Live Virtual Men’s Conference


Overlooking an Offense

October 19 – Proverbs 19 Let’s look for wisdom in Proverbs. Verse 11 of chapter 19 catches my attention: “Good sense makes one slow to anger, […]

Words Matter – Now & Later

October 12 – Proverbs 12  ‘Words Matter’ What we say and write and post matter today, but may also matter later. Verse 6 from Proverbs 12: “The […]

October 5 – Proverbs 5

Never to be Shared It’s October 5 – so Proverbs 5. Solomon creatively exhorts young men ‘never to share‘. Verses 15-17: “Drink water from your own […]