Daniel Sanchez


You Can Do This!

 No Prep!  No Studying!  Five Minutes!  Just Read and Pray!  Here is Stephen Kendrick sharing what he wasn’t doing and what he is now doing at […]


It is April 2020 and it is time to ACT LIKE MEN.   The Apostle Paul wrote a very long and difficult letter to the dysfunctional […]

Don’t Shrink Back!

 Check out a clip from Iron Sharpens Iron and Kenny Luck. There are two types of men. We see them now in this crisis of 2020 […]

Marked Man

Zechariah – Part II Zechariah’s response to Gabriel brought a result.  He was now a ‘marked man’. Luke 1:20 “Now listen! You will become silent and […]

Men of Christmas

Zechariah Part I   ‘Slow to Speak’ All of Scripture, the Proverbs and more, encourage us to be ‘slow to speak and quick to listen’. (James 1:19) […]

Men and Their Marriage

Today is September 20 so one of the things I do is read Proverbs 20. Today, I circle back to verse 6 as it asks a […]

Mission and the Movie Theater

Our family has a pattern of creatively finding the cheapest way possible to see a movie. We call it ‘good stewardship’. I have learned though that […]

Tim’s Story

Over 500,000 men have attended an Iron Sharpens Iron Conference since the beginning in 2001 and there is a story behind every man each year. That’s […]

It’s All in the Hands – for Dads

Almost every morning when my kids were all at home, we would try to have breakfast together as a family. During that time I would simply […]