Vision New England Men’s Ministries develops and offers two identical One-Day Men’s Conferences to New England churches. These conferences have main sessions with worship and national speakers as well as a variety of equipping seminars designed specifically for men. Conference title is “Light in the Darkness”.


Two new conferences with a change in theme to “Men of Honor”.


Conference theme changes to “IRON SHARPENS IRON” and begins to utilize national presenters with expertise in ministry to men.


It is decided to keep the ‘Iron Sharpens Iron’ conference theme. Two full day conferences and three half-day conferences are offered.


Third year in row for the Iron Sharpens Iron conference theme. All four conferences are full day events with sixteen seminars.


Iron Sharpens Iron is now in its fourth year plans are underway to build a national network of conferences for 2007.


Regional Ministries across the nation collaborate to develop a National Conference Network using the conference model that began in New England. Twenty-four conference cities host an IRON SHARPENS IRON One- Day Men’s Conference with more to come in 2008.


In 2008, sixteen different ministries hosted a total of thirty-six of these one-day equipping conferences as a resource for churches in their region.Twenty-one different regional men’s ministries host forty-nine Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conferences with plans to expand in 2011.

2011 to 2014

The Conference Ministry continues to grow as twenty-six different regional ministries focused on men host over 58 different conferences across the nation. Each conference network serves as a champion for the movie, “Courageous”, as they equip the churches in their geographic region to train men for spiritual leadership int the home, church and community.

2015 to 2017

In 2015 Iron Sharpens Iron started developing resources targeted to Men’s Ministry Leaders. These resources include PastorPrayerTeam.org, Breakfast DVDs, The Men’s Bible, The Life Of David Bible Study, and our new resource Engage: Building Your Church Based Ministry To Men.