Director’s Corner



It is April 2020 and it is time to ACT LIKE MEN.   The Apostle Paul wrote a very long and difficult letter to the dysfunctional […]

Don’t Shrink Back!

 Check out a clip from Iron Sharpens Iron and Kenny Luck. There are two types of men. We see them now in this crisis of 2020 […]

Marked Man

Zechariah – Part II Zechariah’s response to Gabriel brought a result.  He was now a ‘marked man’. Luke 1:20 “Now listen! You will become silent and […]

Men of Christmas

Zechariah Part I   ‘Slow to Speak’ All of Scripture, the Proverbs and more, encourage us to be ‘slow to speak and quick to listen’. (James 1:19) […]

Men and Their Marriage

Today is September 20 so one of the things I do is read Proverbs 20. Today, I circle back to verse 6 as it asks a […]

Mission and the Movie Theater

Our family has a pattern of creatively finding the cheapest way possible to see a movie. We call it ‘good stewardship’. I have learned though that […]

Tim’s Story

Over 500,000 men have attended an Iron Sharpens Iron Conference since the beginning in 2001 and there is a story behind every man each year. That’s […]

Loving and Leading Your Family Tribe

Masculinity has been in crisis for some time now. What used to be common-place has become radical and what was radical is aggressively being normalized. Sadly, […]

It’s All in the Hands – for Dads

Almost every morning when my kids were all at home, we would try to have breakfast together as a family. During that time I would simply […]