May 29 – Proverbs 29

May 27 – Proverbs 27
June 1 – Proverbs 1

May 29 – Proverbs 29

Press Pause

Proverbs 29 for May 29, choosing one verse to meditate on throughout the day.  

There is so much helpful wisdom in chapter 29. I am mulling over once again this critical principle of keeping my mouth shut. Here is verse 20: “Do you see a man who speaks too soon? There is more hope for a fool than for him.”

‭‭The key here is ‘too soon’.  Other versions say ‘in haste’. Wisdom teaches us to press pause. 

For me that means I have not fully listened, or I heard the words but not the heart, or I am out of order and am interrupting another, or I think what I have to say is so very important that I must share it right now. 

Whatever the reason – I can avoid being foolish by pausing and listening well.

What other wisdom can we find in Chapter 29 of Proverbs?