May 25 – Proverbs 25

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May 25 – Proverbs 25

Promises, Promises…

Today is May 25th so let’s check out Proverbs 25 for wisdom for men.

Verse 14 hits home; “People who promise things that they never give are like clouds and wind that bring no rain.”

For the one who works the land, there is a reliance on regular rainfall. The clouds roll in and wind picks up and there is a clear promise of rain but alas, it may not arrive!

This is the feeling of one who hears a ‘promise’ and allows his or her anticipation to rise. Expectations soar as the time draws close. Emotions engage and excitement builds. But then – nothing. It doesn’t happen. The ‘promise’ goes unfulfilled. Sadness and disappointment replace the excitement.

So today I ask myself, have I made any promises to anyone that I have yet to fulfill? Dear God – help me be a promise keeper and not a promise breaker.

What else is in Proverbs 25? Take a look today and find wisdom for men!