Why Focus on Ministry to Men?

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Why Focus on Ministry to Men?

Please click here to partner financially with us: Donate to ISI Why Focus on Ministry to Men? Take a Look at ‘Men’s Ministry by the Numbers’! It is the start of...

Please click here to partner financially with us: Donate to ISI

Why Focus on Ministry to Men? Take a Look at ‘Men’s Ministry by the Numbers’!

It is the start of a new church year. What will the focus of your local church be this year?

I suggest you focus on MEN – take a look at some of the numbers. There are 108,000,000 men in America 15 years of age and older. How are they doing? How are you doing at reaching them?

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Men & Culture

Men will change jobs on an average of every 3.2 years and will have 14-16 jobs in their lifetime.
Men, primarily as fathers, are more than eight times more likely to be portrayed negatively on television than women.
Men are four times more likely to die from suicide than women. White males have the highest rate.
Men make up 93% of the present prison population.
95% of Christian men, average age of 40, state that they do not have a best friend who is a male.
There are 68,000,000 pornographic search engine requests every day – a vast majority from men. Note: This makes up 25% of all search engine requests.

Men & Church

66,000,000 men in America make no profession of faith.
6,000,000 men in America are involved in any form of discipleship.
6,000,000 women in America come to church each week without their husband.
85% of lay leadership in American churches are women.
Young men who attend church will tend to disengage from church at nine years of age.
When the church reaches the man of the home, 93% of the time the entire family will follow. hThis compares with 3.5% when reaching children/youth and 17% when reaching wife/mother.

Men & Family

40% of married men who attend church will get divorced.
Women initiate 66% of divorces after the age of 40.
The divorce rate for couples who pray together daily is 1 out of 1,152.
1,000,000 children in America each year will be affected by divorce.
33% of all children in America are born out of wedlock.
Men with children will talk with their child 11 days (accumulative hours) in a lifetime.
Men with children will work at their job 12 years (accumulative hours) in a lifetime.
90% of men in the church will have children who will leave the church.
*For a more complete listing of “The State of Men in America” complete with endnotes that list statistical references – please request at brian.martin@ironsharpensiron.net

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