From Spectators to Leaders

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From Spectators to Leaders

Many local churches have released men to live as spectators. I do not believe that the local church has given up on men.

Many local churches have released men to live as spectators.

I do not believe that the local church has given up on men. It is clear, though, that men are no longer the ‘target audience’. The focus of the local church is on those who participate and those who serve. Estimates show that in most churches, more than 75% of volunteers are women.

God bless women in every local church who are serving sacrificially and laboring for Jesus Christ. We would be in trouble without them. The availability of women does not mean that we should release men to live as spectators. In some cases we need to intentionally recruit and equip men. Scripture would encourage us to do this. Men need to hear the challenge from God on what their role is as a spiritual leader in the home, in the church and in the community.

Spectators to Leaders in the Home. The excellence and professionalism of church programs and ministries may be contributing to men in the church becoming spectators. This is especially true when it comes to youth and children’s ministry. The church trains, hires, supports, equips and resources gifted people who will teach the young people of the church. I have five children and think this is wonderful. It can become so wonderful that men like myself no longer feel the ‘godly pressure’ to team with their wives and “train a child in the way he should go” (Proverbs 22:6). Most fathers place the spiritual development of their children in the hands of the local church and those gifted people with the extensive training.

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Spectators to Leaders in the Church. Men want to make an impact. They want to make a difference. God has created men to long for significance. Men do not have to posses a lot of bible training to make an impact. You can equip them for leadership and service using the talents and gifts that they already possess. Mobilize the men of your church to take ownership of the problems of the distressed in your congregation. Single parents, widows and widowers, and others need the men of the church in their life.

*What can you do? Begin a Men’s Team Ministry to the Distressed of Your Church. Send our office a note at 

Spectators to Leaders in the Community God has called men and women alike to proclaim the Good News and share their faith, yet most men feel inadequate and less than 5% of men have shared the Gospel in the past twelve months (VNE Men’s Ministries 2003). Men are not ashamed of their faith but do not know how to bridge the gap to connecting with other men on a spiritual level.

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