Stop. Look. Listen.

Calling All Men!
It’s All in the Hands – for Dads

Stop. Look. Listen.

Summer is almost here. Opportunities abound to build memories as the nice weather kicks in. Many of us have low felt needs for time away from work and home but those we love and cherish want more of us and long for these unique seasons that create family memories. Here are some things you can do right now before the summer season breezes on by…..




  1. Do you have a vacation planned for the summer? Have you give due diligence to researching and reserving dates and times? There are times when being spontaneous is a strength but don’t procrastinate on planning a family vacation.


  1. Are there a couple long weekends scheduled on your calendar? You do not need to take the month of August off for vacation and it might not even be feasible to take an entire week off from work but how about a long weekend? Planning can turn a five day, four night long weekend into a significant memory!


  1. Is there a time this summer when your work/business will be less demanding than it is now? You may be swamped right now and have a hard time imagining being away from work for the better part of a week but isn’t there a moment during the summer when things slow down?





  1. What can you do this summer with family and friends that you have never done before?  Are you ready to try something different?  Are you ready for some adventure? Summer is the time and the outdoors awaits you!


  1. What can you do this summer with family and friends that you have done several times before? What have you done before that you and your family really enjoyed. Can you do a repeat? Some of the best memories from childhood that build stability and security in a young person include the memories that were built from repetition year after year.


  1. What are your children/grandchildren doing that you can participate with them? You can invite others to join you or invite yourself to join others. Both work well. Don’t be frustrated if one works better than the other. Roll with it and enjoy being with those that you love.





  1. What special events are coming into the area this summer?  The internet can help us here as well as newspapers and magazines. Look ahead 30 – 60 days and lock in a special ticket to a special event.


  1. What are the neighbors and friends at church talking about doing this summer? There is little need to create your summer plans in isolation. Ask friends what have they done and what are they planning to do this summer. Talking this up with others will get the creative juices flowing. It is a little like iron sharpening iron!


  1. What are the members of your family looking forward to doing with you this summer? We all have our own interests but the best vacation memories will likely come when wives and kids and grandkids and friends are happy. Determine now to join them where they want to go and be 100% engaged and enthusiastic. You can do it!



You have heard the saying – “No one plans to fail – they just fail to plan!” Now is the time to PLAN your summer. What will you do different to make sure you seize the unique opportunities that school vacation and the nice weather brings. How will you intentionally build memories the next few months so that the “Summer of 2018” will go down in the record books for you and your family?


We can each start by doing these three things:




Brian Doyle is Founder and President of Iron Sharpens Iron,
a national ministry equipping local churches to reach and build
strong men.