Dan Erickson

Dan Erickson is Co-Founder of People Matter Ministries and the author of ‘Finding Your Greater Yes’ and 'God Loves Do-Overs'. He has more than 35 years of ministerial experience including serving as pastor of four churches, as Regional Director with Promise Keepers, and as the first Executive Director of the National Coalition of Men's Ministries.


Dan Erickson

Steve Etner

Steve Etner is an author, speaker, purity coach and former pastor. As a victorious survivor of a 30-year addiction to lust and pornography, Steve offers keen insights, personal testimony and Biblical truths to strengthen every man in his quest for both sexual purity and spiritual integrity. Steve is a highly sought after and nationally recognized men's conference and retreat speaker, focusing on helping men develop the Biblical skills necessary to be pure, godly men. Steve and Heather live in Osceola, IN and have four adult children: Andrew, his wife Catey and their five children (Aiden, Tristan, Ariana, Catia and Alexa); Philip; Bekah, and her husband Ben; and Elisabeth.

Tony Evans

Tony Evans serves as Senior Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and as the Founder of The Urban Alternative, which seeks to bring about spiritual renewal in urban America. Dr.Evans hosts a daily radio ministry, serves as Chaplain for the Dallas Mavericks and is a popular platform speaker with Promise Keepers.

Jonathan Evans

Jonathan Evans, a mentor, author, speaker and former NFL fullback treasures his relationship with Christ along with the opportunity to use his life to glorify God. Jonathan seeks to impact today's athletes, men and young adults by equipping and encouraging them in their faith.

Jonathan serves with his pastor, friend and father, Dr. Tony Evans, both in the local church and the national ministry. They also teamed up together to write Get in the Game, a practical guidebook filled with sports analogies and spiritual truths aimed at strengthening readers with the skills they need for living victoriously.

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