Wes Yoder

Raised on a dairy in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Wes Yoder moved to Nashville in 1973 to work in the music business where he was instrumental in the formation of the Contemporary Christian Music genre. In 1984, he formed the first faith based speakers bureau to assist thinkers and writers dedicated to a biblical world-view. Wes has been interviewed on NBC Nightly News, ABC's Prime Time, Dateline NBC, and CNN Headline News and has been quoted by TIME Magazine. His new book ‘Bond of Brothers’ is a book for men who wish to live among friends rather than in brokenness and isolation as much of our society now lives. It is a book about spiritual friendship, about moving beyond betrayal, competition and sorrow, about forgiveness and grace, about inviting others into the mess of your own life to live as brothers and friends so that we can become joyful sons of our Father in heaven.

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