DeQuins Evans

DeQuin is a CFL defensive lineman with the BC Lions. He grew up in Compton, CA and was influenced by the gang life. He “really didn’t have no love for nobody” and spend time in Camp Kilpatrick, a juvenile detention facility. He discovered his talent for football and played college ball while earning a degree. He was with the Cincinnati Bengals for two years, before being released. "I needed something, and it wasn't in football, it wasn't in money, it wasn't in my wife... it was in Jesus Christ." It was the Gospel that filled every hole that was in his heart. DeQuin is a real, down-to-earth guy. His testimony is genuine. He speaks easily of the Lord and of a person’s need to know Him before anything else. He is married to Nova Scotian Olympic runner Jenna Martin-Evans and lives in Tacoma WA.

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