Don’t Shrink Back!
April 13 – Proverbs 13


It is April 2020 and it is time to ACT LIKE MEN.


The Apostle Paul wrote a very long and difficult letter to the dysfunctional local church located in Corinth. Near the close of the letter, he writes; “Be alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Do everything in love.” The people of Corinth needed strong and courageous men who trusted God and loved people in the 1st Century. We need the same right now.


How do we produce men like this?


I believe we produce them one at a time. Attending conferences, weekly church gatherings and digesting content from books and podcasts can be really helpful – but all of this content combined does not produce strong and courageous men who trust God and love people.


Paul saw this in the 1st Century and so after rambling about some do’s and don’ts in chapter 10 of his first letter, he closed that section of the letter with this statement; “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.”


He did not tell them to follow Jesus – that exhortation was not working out. They needed something more specific as most men do in the 21st Century. You and I need a living person who is clearly following Jesus who will invest in us and show us in word and deed how to ACT LIKE MEN – and maybe then we can be that man for someone else!