Mission and the Movie Theater

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Mission and the Movie Theater

Our family has a pattern of creatively finding the cheapest way possible to see a movie. We call it ‘good stewardship’. I have learned though that as a Christ-follower there may be an exception to this self-imposed pattern of being frugal and that is on ‘Opening Weekend’.

The ‘Opening Weekend’ of a movie is a really, really big deal. The reason is that the number of movie tickets bought that Fri-Sun plays a direct role in the business decisions made about the following weekend. A strong ‘Opening Weekend’ will increase the number of theaters that show the movie the following weekend. This is because the public has spoken and the movie people are listening.

How does the public speak to the arts and entertainment industry? We do this with our entertainment dollars. When we choose NOT to wait until the movie comes out at Redbox or on Netflix or cable television and invest our dollars by attending ‘Opening Weekend’ we make a powerful statement. We declare with our wallets what we appreciate in entertainment and we give a platform to missional movies.

This weekend, OVERCOMER, opens in theaters nationwide. Join me and make a statement and go see this Christ-centered movie. Be missional – go see a movie! #overcomermovie