“The Ultimate Father” Part III

“The Ultimate Father” Part II
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“The Ultimate Father” Part III

Hi Men – this is Brian Doyle and we are looking once again at The Ultimate Father. Today’s Part 3 and what a better example to study then God the Father and his relationship with His Son

We’ve looked at Matthew 3:17 the last couple of times….. “And a voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.”

‭‭The voice from heaven is from the Ultimate Father. He has something to say and He says it loud and He says it clear and He says it so that others can hear. ‬‬‬‬

He started with Identity – ‘This is my Son’ then He declared how he feels – whom I love

Then he declares what he thinks about His Son – with him I am well pleased.
He was ‘well pleased’. The Son brought the Father pleasure.
He was delighted in him.
He was proud of him.
Note – this was during the baptism of Jesus by John so it was before Jesus had:
– battled the devil in the wilderness
– preached any sermon
– healed any who were sick
– called his first disciple
– performed first miracle
The Father was outwardly pleased with His Son – and said so loud and clear so that all could hear BEFORE he even did anything!!

Do I do this? Do you do this?
Tell our children that we are proud of them not because of:
– good grades
– athletic prowess
– talent and ability
– their good behavior
– etc., etc.,
Like identity and love, God the Father took pleasure and pride in His son – unconditionally.

You and I can do this. Tell each of your kids today “I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!”
Heavenly Father would You give each of us the courage to step up and step into this role and be the fathers who declare how proud we are of each one of our children. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Now Go be a Dad, and we’ll see you next time…… ‭‬‬‬